Aplikasi-aplikasi GIS Special

Kumpulan  Tools, Extention, Add-On dan Aplikasi-aplikasi GIS :

1. Spatcom (Spatial Communication)
– Info : http://spatcom.dic-online.com/
– Download (Free) :  http://spatcom.dic-online.com/spatcom-mapview.html

2. Map Logic Layout Manager V.4.1 untuk ArcGIS V.10
– Info : http://www.maplogic.com/
– Download (Demo 30 Hari):  http://www.maplogic.com/Download/MapLogicLayoutManager.html
– Others :  Here or Here

3. ArcView GIS V.3.3 untuk Windows 64 bit
– Info : http://www.esri.com/software/arcgis/arcview/index.html
– Download Installer Windows 64bit by QLB :  ArcView GIS 64 Bit Installer by QLB atau Mirror
– Download Installer Another Windows 64bit :  Another ArcView GIS 64 Bit Installer atau Mirror
– Download Installer Windows 64bit Portable : ArcView GIS 64 Bit Portable atau Mirror

4. Map Logic Layout Manager untuk ArcGIS V.10.1
– Info & Download (Demo 30 Hari): http://www.maplogic.com/
– Others :  Here

5. IMG to SHP
Can be found here :

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4 responses to “Aplikasi-aplikasi GIS Special”

  1. Kyi Kyi Thet says :

    your link are already deleted so we have problem to download from file factory.com.
    If you know how can I get these software, please send me to my email address.

  2. Gis bluesuh says :

    Thanx bro…. Atas sharingnya…

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